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High performance energy savings ESNA (Energy Saving Nanofiltration) nanofiltration membrane elements are ideal for softening applications and the removal of pesticides, bacteria or viruses. They provide 50%-90% salt rejection with ultra-low-pressure operations, increased energy savings, and significantly lower installation and operating costs. They can effectively remove organics which can form disinfection by-products in municipal water distribution lines. At the Boca Raton plant the THM formation potential was reduced from 0.6 mg/L to less than 0.020 mg/L, well below the 0.042 mg/L limit.




  • Up to 91% nominal rejection
  • Effectively removes organics
  • Optimum hardness rejection
  • Ultra-low pressure, energy saving, lower OPEX
  • New technology for higher productivity; minimizes bio-fouling and colloidal fouling and enhancing clean ability


  • Enhanced Membrane Chemistry for Increased Chemical Resistance
  • Innovative Spacer Design to Minimize Trapping of Small Colloidal Particles
  • HYDRAblock Technology Providing Biostatic Properties to Minimize Proliferation of Biological Fouling
  • Proprietary Vented Seal Carrier to Eliminate Pressure-Shock Damage During System Startup


  • Municipal Water Treatment
  • Softening Applications
  • Removal of Pesticides, Bacteria or Viruses



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