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HYDRAcap is used to treat surface water, ground water, seawater, and waste water as either primary treatment or as pre-treatment to reverse osmosis (RO) and Nano filtration (NF). Compared to conventional pretreatment, HYDRAcap allows higher fluxes for RO and NF systems while maintaining longer intervals between cleanings. In some cases it replaces conventional pretreatment for portable applications, ground water recharging and water recycling.

HYDRAcap enhances RO and NF element system design and operating conditions when used as a pre-treatment step for desalination, treatment of surface waters and municipal and industrial effluents.




  • Low fouling hydrophilic polyethersulfone membrane
  • Tolerant to chlorine, peroxide and other oxidants
  • Resistant to pH extremes
  • Exhibits 5 log (99.999%) removal for bacteria, giardia, cryptosporidium and 4 log removal for viruses, and reduces turbidity to <0.06 NTU
  • TOC Reduction: 5 – 65%
  • MWCO, nominal: 150,000 Daltons
  • Operating flexibility, direct or cross-flow filtration


  • Enhanced Membrane Chemistry for Increased Chemical Resistance
  • Innovative Spacer Design to Minimize Trapping of Small Colloidal Particles
  • HYDRAblock Technology Providing Biostatic Properties to Minimize Proliferation of Biological Fouling
  • Proprietary Vented Seal Carrier to Eliminate Pressure-Shock Damage During System Startup


  • Surface Water
  • Ground Water
  • Seawater
  • Wastewater
  • Pretreatment to NF or RO



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