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3. Dollinger Oil Mist Eliminator

  • Eliminates all visible oil plume
  • Complies with all environmental regulations
  • Simple, efficient, energy-saving operation
  • Years of trouble - free operation
  • Prevents mist from entering nearby air intake systems
  • Model : OE-158




The Superior Dollinger Solution The Doillinger Oil Mist Eliminator (OME) is a filtration system of superior efficiency - it collects 99.97 % of oil droplets 0.3 micron and larger, thus removing virtually 100% of oil mist emission. This performance places Dollinger at the vary forefront of oil mist elimination technology.


Oil mist eliminators for positive pressure lubricating oil systems
Oil mist eliminators for negative pressure lubricating oil systems


Oil Mist Eliminator for Rolls Royce Avon Gas Turbines

Dollinger has designed this Oil Mist Eliminator for use with the Rolls - Royce Industrial RB211 Gas Turbine - all in accordance with technical specification TS 5/21 Issue 2 provided by Rolls - Royce Industrail & Marine Gas Turbines Limited.

Dollinger OE - 258R - 500 can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each RB211 engine.

Dollinger dollinger



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