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We offer a wide range of thermal insulation, acoustical composites and professional services

1. Thermal Products

Our raw materials include cloth, fiberglass, metals, aerogel, silicone.

Our soft wrap line is constructed to provide high quality thermal protection against temperatures reaching 1100°F.

Our rigid metal composite line is designed to offer excellent thermal protection up to 1200°F.

Our hybrid composites are the most cost-effective way to protect against excessive and severe environments ranging from 1800°F to 2000°F.


2. Acoustical Composites

Our acoustical insulation composites are designed to control, dampen, direct, or eliminate noise. These composites include foam, low-density fiberglass, vinyl, and lamination.

Enhanced surface treatments such as embossed polyester, perforated vinyl, and urethane matte can provide maximum noise reduction in the harshest sound environments.

3. Professional Services

We offer the following professional services : precision prototyping, product design, tooling, CAD/CAM, computerized cutting, and contact laminating.
Typical insulations works  


4. Current Customers

Clean Energy Systems Co., Ltd. are appointed to be a distributor in Thailand and including Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia and Philippines for promote sales and supply insulator brand “InsulTech LLC” to Power Generation Industries and Refinery plant.




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