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External Fogging Systems for gas turbine

Nebufly is recognized as an expert in external fog system solutions, including R&D of artificial water applications, creative design of scenic water, manufacture and installation of fog system and after-sale maintenance.

Why select the Nebufly external cooling system?

Nebufly focuses on solving the traditional equipment leakage safety problems, motor phase/overload effective protection problems, water level control and protection effectiveness problems, equipment effective maintenance problems.

1.Ruflux technology: Avoids water accumulation, precipitation and moss growth in the pipeline and guarantees the misting effect of the nozzle. The nozzle is equipped with a drip stop and the nozzle does not drip.

2.Large amount of fog: 100-3000KG per hour, can meet the use of space below 3000 cubic meters.

3.Timing & temperature and humidity control: Start and stop regularly according to demand. Automatic control or manual control can be switched at will, temperature and humidity control is adjusted with high precision. Unmanned management.

4.Water Lack protection: The liquid switch senses the water level, and when the water level is below the lowest limit, it automatically adds water; or gives a signal to stop the machine running.

5.Oil replacement alarm: The oil replacement alarm reminder solves the problem of pump head damage caused by the negligence of maintenance by users of traditional equipment.

Overall equipment

Nozzle improvement

Over view system concept

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