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Powerphase has commercialized advanced air injection technology providing a transformational leap in the performance and flexibility of the conventional application of gas turbines. Powerphase’s products benefit all gas turbines employed in electrical power generation, oil and gas and industrial processes.

The team is assembled of industry leading gas turbine designers, performance specialists and service providers all with the focus to provide an exceptional operational experience to our customers.

 Powerphase consist of 2 products as below…

 1. Turbophase  lets gas turbines operate at optimum power and fuel efficiency, no matter the environmental conditions and gives you maximum output efficiency, flexibility and profits for your gas turbine.

air intake filter

2. Fastlight divide 2 products as below

2.1 Fastlight Injection  technology turns a combined cycle power plant into an energy storage plant, enables any combined cycle power plant to store power and dispatch that same power when it is needed the most.

How Fastlight injection stores power

Fastlight injection can convert 10% of any gas turbine’s nameplate capacity into storage.

-Stores 4MW for 4 hour (can be longer with more tanks) – 16MW hours twice per day

-Footprint: Storage footprint ~60’x60’ for 4 hours) Electric compressor footprint = one 40’ container

2.2 Fastlight Storage Engine™ provides Energy Storage in the form of compressed air enabling clean energy storage plant solutions. Utilize existing or relocated combustion turbines converted to a Storage Engine and Generate more than 2x Capacity of the nameplate CT with a Storage Engine™ – Burning the same quantity of Fuel.

-Fraction of the Capital Cost on a levelized cost of energy basis compared to batteries at a similar roundtrip efficiency level

-Storage Engine™ Firms Renewable Energy

-Storage Engine doubles as a Storage System and a Peaker Asset — While Batteries require peakers to firm Energy on Grid

-Storage Engine™ system utilizes Robust existing CT Technology

Fastlight Storage Engine Plant Configuration



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