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R-MC Solar Wash™ is a specifically formulated broad-spectrum cleaning fluid designed for the regular cleaning of solar PV panels to restore output and maximise revenue potential. Using our surface-active chemistry, it safely breaks down the soiling and cementing caused by the adhesion of hydrocarbons, bird droppings, dust, pollen, insects, agricultural, marine aerosols and other local environmental pollutants that soil the PV panels

Our product advantage point :

  1. Keep the photovoltaic panels (PV’s) clear all time after apply R-MC solar wash fluid.
  2. Eliminate the problem of stains on the solar panel.
  3. To anti-streaking when sprayed onto the glass and then removed with a window squeegee, no rinse with water again.
  4. Does not leave stains and bubbles from chemicals on the solar panel.
  5. Does not cause rust stains and Chemicals are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  6. Guaranteed up to £5,000,000 in case of property damage.

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