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The new design cooling tower fill under brand name “TurbosplashPac” from Italy. My supplier has experienced to supply and install fill pack more than 30 years.

“TurbosplashPac” advantage points

1.The specially designed to adjustable the panel and the blade angle for heavy dirty application.

The panel designed to be assembled in 6 different configurations stackable in a tower on different layers with different configuration.

The blade angles are designed not only to spread and splash water but to move air in vortices, like a static mixer. While are angled from the vertical, blade causing transverse air flows that constantly intersect with the downward flow of water mixing air and water droplets.

2.Simple to assemble without use of tools and glue.

3.NERIcalc COOLING TOWER CALCULATOR program for the upgrading of the performance cooling tower.

This program can be used for the design of a new project, for the upgrading of the performance of an existing counter flow tower and also just to verify the efficiency and working conditions of a tower.

4.To compare general cooling tower fill to TurbosplashPac
(TurbosplashPac insensitive to fouling)

General cooling tower fill  TurbosplashPac 

5.High efficiency

(New design) Cooling tower fill pack



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