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Special devices


Special devices > 1.Tool changers, changing systems and pallet-changing systems

Based on the experience gained with our rotary actuators, we are now in a position to supply well-engineered and reliable hydraulic components for tool changers, changing systems and pallet-changing systems. One example is a rotary-linear actuator for a pallet changer for pallets weighing up to 1,000 kg.

Not only simple rotary and linear movements, but also complex and combined multiple movements as well as additional auxiliary movements, such as the closing and opening of gripper tongs, are possible. Many of these components can be driven via "black and white" valves and require no special control units.

Product advantage

  • high developed end cushioning
  • controlled movements with greattool and workpiece weights
  • insensitive to coolants and oils


Technical data


  • compact und robust
  • faster movement
  • special designs which are matched to your needs.

Components for tool changer and changing systems are usually customized designs with serious deviations from the standard devices.


Special devices > 2.Components for vehicle doors

Since 1973 we have been developing and producing pneumatic rotary units and valves for the actuation of doors of rail and road vehicles.

Pneumatic cylinders for sliding doors and pneumatic rotary actuators for swing doors, along with valves for controlling cylinders and rotary actuators, can be supplied.

Besides the pneumatic components, we can also provide mechanical deflection devices for exterior/swing/sliding doors. These deflection devices are not dependent on the drive system and can also be used with electrically-driven doors.

The given examples are just a small selection of the equipment that we can offer to you.

Special devices > 3.Rädlinger tilt motor JRTilt 90

The tilt motor JR Tilt 90 permits the vertical tilting of attachments at an angle of 90 degrees to the left and right. This allows all attachments to be used even more efficiently. In addition, the tilt motor enhances the application options and excavator performance. It fulfils all requirements of maximum flexibility, versatility and productivity for attachements. At the same time, the tilt Motor JR Tilt 90 makes work in the tightest of spaces possible.

This tilt motor is exclusively disributed by RädlingerRädlinger Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH.

Product advantage

  • large standard program
  • cost-effective alternative
  • rotary unions up to 1.500 mm diameter
  • self-made seals
  • rotary unions made of various materials




  • operating pressure up to 100 bar
  • 5 models of pistons Ø 40 - 125 mm
  • 4 standard rotation angle 90°/180°/270°/360°
  • adjustable drive shaft datum
  • continuous drive shaft
  • wear resistant sliding surfaces

additional features:

  • end cushioning
  • angle adjustment ± 5°
  • flange attachement
  • foot model
  • locating pin on the end of the shaft
  • switching elements for angular interrogation
  • various shaft types, such as DIN5480 gear shaft, gear hub, hollow shaft



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